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In a world full of social media disconnection we have lost our heart for true connection. Cocktails & Community exists to create deep, vulnerable connections through pop-up events.

The human connection is something we all desire. Whether you want to dive deeper into more intentional conversations with those in your life or you just moved to Nashville, C&C is a safe place to express who you are and learn how to show up as your best self in your community. We want to champion you to find who you are called to be in the world and center yourself around a group of individuals who support you in that journey!




1. Feeling encouraged by a community who shares your values and supports you in living your best self.

2. Feeling as if you found a community of mindful, heart-centered individuals, who seek values that align with you.

3. Discovering more about what it means to live in true connection and authentic community.

4. Feeling like you have support and encouragement on your journey to personal growth and connection with yourself and others